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Stats can be thought of as the building blocks of a character's physicality - their core assets. Stats range from 1 to 10.

The player character starts with 14 points to allocate to stats during character creation, allies start with predetermined stats and during the course of the game they might increase them according to their progression.

A single stat point is gained for every 20 skill points earned during play by both allies and the player character.

Strength[edit | edit source]

Strength.png The character's physical strength.


  • Carry weight: Ranges from 40 to 130, increasing by 10 for every point.
  • Melee damage: Adds a 5% bonus to damage for every point in strength above a weapons' requirement or reduces damage by 10% for every point below the weapon requirements.

Agility[edit | edit source]

Agility.png How nimble a character is.


  • Combat evasion:
    • Melee combat evasion is determined by subtracting the targets' agility to the attackers' strength then either adding 5% for every remaining point, up to a maximum of 100% THC, or reducing hit change by 10% for every negative point remaining. If the subtraction equals 0 then the base hit chance of 75% is used.
    • For ranged evasion agility adds a 5% chance to dodge for every point above 1, as well as a base bonus of 10% at a single point.
  • Base Action Points: Ranging from 7 to 12, characters will gain an extra action point at Agility 2 (8), 4 (9), 6 (10), 8 (11), 10 (12).

Perception[edit | edit source]

Perception.png How keen-eyed and quick to react a character is


  • Initiative
  • Ranged accuracy and damage.
    • Reduces THC by 25% for every point in perception below the weapon's range, so at 3 perception you'd have a base 100% chance to hit a character at 3 spaces away, 75% to a character at 4 spaces and so on.
    • Every point in perception above a weapon's range increase damage and crit chance by 5%, except for the first one which grants a base 10% in both these stats.

Vigor[edit | edit source]

Vigor.png The character's health.


  • Hit Points ranging from 70 at 1 up to 160 at 10.
  • Armor Class goes from 0 at 1 up to 5 at 10.
    • Armor class increases by one at the following thresholds: 4 vigor (1 AC), 5 (2), 7 (3), 9 (4), 10 (5)