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The To-Do List consists of missions that can be found through exploration, events and conversations.

The To-Do List is a collection of tasks and favors brought up by allies – everything from checking out a certain location to recovering a particular item. While completing tasks on the To-Do list won’t earn you any Skill Points, often they do important things like boost ally mood, unlock helpful loot, and sometimes prevent the death or loss of an ally. It’s definitely worth your while to pay close attention to when the tasks were brought up – some are time-sensitive, and will become unavailable if you wait too long!

If an ally specifically suggested something like going to the hospital and you don't, they may think you're ignoring their advice and lose confidence in you. They will usually tell you if they think something should be an immediate priority, so if you agree to do it, try to get it done on time.

Some missions are time sensitive. For those that are not keep in mind that as time goes on, the chance that a location has already been looted goes up, meaning you may get less from it than if you had gone earlier

The mission interface shows missions by how much time remains for them (from expiring today to no time limit) and a list of completed objectives.

On top of Missions there are also Goals.

There are several types of goals in the game, and most likely the player will reveal them constantly as they discover new areas, talk to people, and complete other goals. The goals fall under the following categories:

  • Reoccurring Goals – Milestones for food, fuel, parts collected, etc.
  • Exploration Goals – Goals for exploring areas (Explore 5 Fast Food Places, Scout a city perimeter)
  • Challenge Goals – Goals with specific or difficult requirements (Kill 15 Zombies in one day, Collect one complete set of books, Talk your way out of an encounter)

In addition to visible goals, there are some goals that are hidden until they are completed. These are goals you might not usually seek out or want to do, but constitute experience that shapes the role of a leader. These hidden goals are usually due to making a tough decision or sacrifice.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Day 1: Get a toolbox from the Diamondback Hardware in Llano and repair the fence.